The applications for this visa are currently closed effective 19 November 2016. This visa is for skilled trainees who want to undergo workplace based training so that they can enhance their job related skills, in their area of study or field of expertise.

Different Visa Categories under which one can apply for Training and Research in Australia are listed below. In case you find any difficulty in understanding eligibility criteria, visa category, assessment criteria and point based system, please Contact Us. We will be thrilled to help you.

 Eligibility criteria for Training and Research visa under subclass 402:

You can apply under any of these streams only if you are either sponsored or nominated by an Australian Research or Training institute.

There are 3 streams under which an eligible applicant can apply, as given below:

  • Occupational Trainee Stream: If you are looking for work place based training to enhance your job related skills and increase your knowledge in job related skills, you can apply under this stream.
  • Professional Development Stream: If you want to participate in a professional training program in Australia, you can apply under this stream.
  • Research Stream: If you want to participate in a research project in Australia after receiving an invitation to apply.

If you meet the eligibility criteria you can apply for Training visa under subclass 407 or Temporary activity visa under subclass Temporary activity visa subclass 408:

 Training visa under subclass 407:

You can consider applying for training visa under subclass 407, if you meet the eligibility criteria and you want to either undertake occupational training or want to participate in classroom based professional development program.

 Temporary Activity visa under subclass 408:

  • You can apply for this visa if you meet one of the below criteria:
    • If you have an invitation to participate or collaborate in a research project by a reputed Australian research institute
    • If you are a student who has recently undertaken a research activity at an reputed Australian research institute related to your area of expertise
    • If you are an elite sportsperson and want to participate in high level sports training in Australia

 Benefits of Australia Training and Research visa under subclass 402:

This visa allows you to get the following benefits:

  • You can stay, get trained during your training period or while your research is in progress
  • If you are outside Australia, you can come to Australia any time after your visa is granted
  • You can do the training or activity for which visa has been granted
  • You can enter or leave Australia as many times as you want until your visa expires or the training or research program completes – whichever occurs first

Generally, the documents required for applying for Training and Research visa under subclass 402 depends on the country from which you are applying. Currently, the applications for this visa are closed. You can apply for Training and Research visa by attaching the following list of documents.

 Completed application form:

  • You need to submit completed application form 1402 in order to apply for Training and Research visa under subclass 402.
  • Include Form 47(a) or Form 80 for any family member who is dependent on you:
    • In case, you have a child or other dependent member whose age is equal to or less than 18 years of age, you need to fill form 47a. If the age of the dependent person other than partner is above 18 years you need to fill Form 80.
    • In case you want to take any adult more than 16 years of age it is important to submit personal particulars of health, character and financial assessment
  •  Passport Copies:

Certified copies of your current passports or travel documents of all people included in your application and the issue/ expiry dates of passport

Two recent passport sized photos and personal details of each person applying for this visa

  • Name Change Document:

If there is a name change or name of any applicant has changed, please provide evidence to support name change. 

  • Identification proof including both parent names: A certified copy of your birth certificate clearly showing names of both the parents. In case you don’t have a birth certificate and cannot show any certified copy of identification pages you must show other certified proofs such as, family book showing parents, court-issued document, identification proof issued by government, etc.
  • Pay visa application charges: You need to pay visa application charges while applying for this visa.
  • Sponsorship approval Status:

If you want to apply for Training and Research visa under subclass 402, you must ensure that you have an approved sponsorship or a sponsorship application has been filed.

  • Nomination approval status (Occupational Trainee Stream only):
  • In case you have applied for this visa under Occupational Trainee stream, you need to be nominated by a reputed Australian Training or Research Institute.      
  • You are required to submit evidence that you an approved Nomination or a Nomination application has been filed.   

 Occupational training stream supporting documents:    

  • If you want to apply for occupational training under Subclass 402, you need to submit additional documents which are listed below:
  • Letter Of Invitation:
  • Firstly, you need a letter of invitation from the office of Registrar or equivalent institute or research organization in order to apply for relevant occupational training. The letter must specify:
    • The purpose of the Australian research project at the institute
    • The period of stay
    • Your roles and responsibility in the occupation you are offered
    • Proposed allowance, if any from the institute inviting you
    • You need to submit employment references document specifying your job title and position.
    • You need to specify how long you will stay in Australia for this training.

 Research Stream supported documents:   

  • A copy of letter of invitation to participate in training
  • If you have recently done your studies in Australia (you hold a student visa) and are applying under Research stream, you would need to submit additional documents:
  • Evidence that you have successfully completed the diploma or higher course that you pursed in Australia
  • Applicant must submit the evidence that he/she was formally employed as a researcher in a home research institute. They can submit letter of invitation for participating in the research as well as leave document from the home institution for which the applicant was working while applying for this visa.
  • Evidence that the applicant has decent knowledge and expertise in the field of research for which he/she is being invited.

Financial Support:

  • If you want to apply for this visa, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and all the accompanying secondary applicants during your stay in Australia. Evidence may include:
    • Bank statements
    • A letter from financial institution defining your financial condition
    • In case you are getting sponsored by a financial institute, you need to submit evidence for the same

 Health Insurance:

  • You need to submit evidence that you have adequate funds to maintain health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. You can submit the following documents:
    • A certification letter from your health insurer or broker
    • Proof of your enrollment with Australian Medicare system if you are from a country which is associated in health arrangements with Australia
    • The health insurance standard template letter completed by your insurance provider

 Health and Character Information:

  • Police verification of you and all the other people in your application is compulsory to prove that the applicants have clean criminal records.
  • In case you or anyone in your family has worked with armed forces of any country, a certified scanned color copy of military service record or discharge paper is required.
  • You need to undergo medical examination and provide relevant evidence of good health that is Medical certificate.

Obligations under Training and Research visa under subclass 402:

It’s important for applicants and their family members who accompany them to comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws.

You must meet the following conditions during your stay in Australia:

  • You need to maintain adequate health insurance for the period of your stay in Australia
  • You must continue to meet the visa requirements under the stream you applied
  • You must ensure to leave Australia before your visa ends

 Occupational Trainee Stream:

You must participate fully (without stopping in between) in occupational training for which visa was granted.

  • You must only do the work that is approved occupational training program for which you were granted visa.
  • You cannot become unemployed or leave your training or work with another employer during your stay in Australia.
  • You must not participate in any other activity other than the occupational training for which you were granted visa.
  • You must tell your sponsor if for any reason you are not able to complete the training
  • You must let your sponsor know if you have any concerns or issues about the training program.

 Research Stream:

  • You must continue to work in the research position for which you were granted visa.
  • You must not undertake any other research in the position for which you were granted visa.
  • You must engage only in activates that are consistent with the activities specified in your visa application.
  • You must do Research for the same employer, who sponsored you and for whom you were granted visa.
  • You must not get unemployed, or work for another employer during your visa validity.
  • You must not receive any salary.
  • If your sponsor for any reason chooses to cease your employment or training, you must notify Australian Immigration department of this and find another employer who is willing to sponsor you.

 Professional Development Stream:

  • You must participate fully (without stopping) in the undertaken professional development program.
  • You cannot pay any of the participant cost for which you were sponsored as per the professional development agreement.
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