Australian Visa is required for whom?

All people, other than Australian citizens oblige a visa authority to enter Australia. All Indian oblige a visa to enter Australia.

What is the right time for me to apply PR visa?

A person can apply visa till the age of 44 but it is recommended to apply PR visa asap till the age of 33 so that you can claim maximum points for your age. As soon as your age increases you will lose your points for your age.

What is an ITA (invitation to apply)?

An ITA is an invitation to apply for PR visa which is the second stage to apply for any country which offers you PR card. It is issued by the government authorities  of that country in which you are offering for PR visa. After getting ITA issued  you can apply PR visa.

Do I need to present my original documents?

No, you did not need to submit your original documents. You can submit your colored scanned documents for your visa, but in any case if the embassy calls you for your visa interview then you had to carryout your original documents as per required. 

How can I get visa to work in Australia?

There are two options to get visa to work in Australia:

  • Either you get intra company transfer or an Australian employer is ready to sponsor you.
  • You can apply for PR (permanent residency) visa by your own which is initiated by the government of Australia on the bases of your skills  assessment to permanently settle down in Australia with  individual or your family.

Am I permitted to connect with someone else to deal with my complying investment in case of investor visa?

Yes, as a holder of a Significant Investor visa you don’t need to be specifically included in dealing with your agreeing venture.

Am I allowed to bring my family with me on PR visa?

Yes you are allowed to bring your family with you permanently on PR visa, You as well as your family can avail all the benefits like citizen of Australia.


How can I get sponsorship to work in Australia?

There are four ways to get sponsorship from Australia to work:

  • Through Intra company transfer
  • Through an Australian employer
  • Through PR visa
  • Regional ( provisional) sponsorship

How Canada work permit visa is different from Federal skill worker ( FSW) visa?

Canada work permit visa is totally different from Canada FSW visa :

  • To get work permit you should be sponsor by Canadian employer for a limited time duration on some fix compensation but to apply FSW you are sponsor by Canadian government with no compensation limit.
  • On work permit you are bound with the employer only but in PR visa you can work with any employer of your choice and you can live anywhere in Canada with your family.
  • On work permit you cannot have your family with you until your employer wants or you can have your family on your personal expenses, your spouse is also not allowed to work full time but on PR visa you can have your family with you and your spouse would have full time legally working authority.
  • Work permit is an option for limited time; PR is option for long time permanently.

When should I purchase air ticket to fly my destination country?

Once you get your PR visa you will get certain time duration 4 to 6 month to land in your destination country so before the expiry of that time duration you have to fly to that country, at that time you can purchase your ticket.

How can I understand my visa requirements?

Your visa requirements depends upon your purpose of visit to that country. If you want to go for vacation and to meet your relatives there you should apply visit visa, if you want to go for business purpose like to attend  meeting, seminar etc you should apply business visa, if you want to settled permanently you should apply permanent resident visa, if you want to make investment in that country, you should apply investor visa. For more information you can check find visa service on government website of that country.

What all documents are required for visa filing?

Documents requirements depends upon profile to profile but some basic documents are your work experience related documents, passport copy, your id etc.

The document needed with a visa application are particular to the visa category under which you wish to apply.

You might like to visit the site of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for additional data on document necessities.

It is the obligation of the candidate to guarantee that an application is finished and accompanied by relevant documents and information. An application form which is not complete and/or the nonattendance of obliged or significant data and document may bring about delay or rejection in the application.


Note: Additional documents, if submitted after submission of the visa application, will be charged a separate service charge by VFS.

How can I track progress of my visa application?

You can track your application status at every stage of visa filing with the help of tracking id which you will receive after submission of your application.

On the off chance that you have submitted a visa application through VFS, you can track the area of your application online at the “TRACK YOUR APPLICATION” segment of this site or you can contact the VFS Helpline. Mercifully quote your visa number or VFS VLN Number for all status inquiries made on VFS Helpline. Aside from the above means, Easy to utilize, this progressive SMS benefit once obtained will dispatch a computerized affirmation criticism message to the candidate’s cell telephone, at different phases of the visa application life-cycle. The administration backings move of SMS in English and guarantees a candidate of his/her composure, with accommodation at the tip of their finger. Furthermore, this easy to understand administration will be caught up with a computerized email message to the candidates email id providing them info of the status of their Visa Application.


Stage I: Application is sent to Australian High Commission.


Stage II: Application is gotten by Australian High Commission.


Stage III: Passport/Documents/Notification Letter is either sent to their email id or couriered or is accessible at the collection counter.


Stage IV: Passport/Documents is gathered from Australia Visa application center. ( Please take note of that there will be a Service Charge for the above administrations. The details can be acquired here.


VFS is not able to give data on the status of application evaluation or decision on client’s visa application.


Take a note of that Australian privacy legislation keeps the Australian High Commission from unveiling data about visa applications to anybody other than the candidate. This implies that if somebody contacts the High Commission to ask on your behalf, the High Commission won’t have the authority to give them any data unless you have provided written authorization.


Note: There are circumstances wherein the Australian High Commission, New Delhi might handover or dispatch passport or notification letter and the supporting documents to the candidates specifically. In such circumstances, the status message may not be update.

Am I allowed withdrawing my visa application?

Yes you can withdraw your PR visa application until it finalizes but government fee is not refundable if you withdraw your application.

You can withdraw the application by writing to Department of Immigration and border protection whenever before we settle on a decision about your application. This could be possible by letter, email or finishing Form 1446 – Withdrawal of a visa application. Your letter of withdrawal must contain your full name, date of birth, application date, and file reference number/transaction record number (if known).

Everybody included in the application who is 18 years old or more established must sign the form or letter of withdrawal.

Online applicant can attach Form 1446 to your application. Online application information on document to be attached is available.

Note: Removing the application from your Immigration Account does not withdraw the application.

How can I become sponsor?

There are three ways which allow you to become sponsor:

  • If you are an Australian employer
  • If you are holding Australia PR visa
  • If you are holding Regional sponsor visa under 489 subclass

How can I apply for my skill assessment?

Skill assessment is the first step to apply Australia PR visa. Skill assessment is done by different different assessing authority depending upon your profile as in Australia there are many skill assessment authority which assess many profile accordingly they are authorized to assess. You can fill online application forms, attach required documents with required fee and submit your application to get your skill assessment.


What happens if the estimation of my complying investment falls beneath AUD5 million?

The estimation of your complying investment must be at any rate AUD5 million at the time IMMI choose whether or not to allow you a visa. When you have been allowed a visa, it doesn’t make a difference if your complying investment falls beneath AUD5 million. The estimation of your complying investment could fall beneath or go above AUD5 million.

In the event that you withdraw your complying investment while holding the visa, you will need to reinvest it into another going along venture inside 30 datebook days. In the event that you don’t do this, you will be in breach of your visa condition 8557 and your visa could be cancelled.

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