Quebec is Canada’s largest province and also the second most populous province. With mostly French speaking population, French is the official language in Quebec. Interestingly, the capital city of Quebec province is Quebec City. Quebec has an advanced, market based, open economy ranking as 37th largest economy in the world. Quebec like other industrial countries is a service based economy.

Quebec is one of the highest growth rate GDP regions of Canada; it has a very strong knowledge base and spends about 2.6% of GDP on Research and Development (R&D). Quebec is a leading player of Aerospace industry, Information technologies and Software and multimedia services.

Approximately about 1, 45,000 people are employed in Aerospace while another 1, 80,000 people are employed in IT sectors in Quebec Province. As per a recent forecast by the Quebec government, Quebec forecasts to create new job opportunities for about 1,15,000 people in knowledge and innovation sectors by 2017. So, Quebec can be a great place to live in if you are working in IT or R&D fields.

What is Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Immigration Program?

Quebec has a special agreement with the government of Canada on immigration. The province has its own independent rules and procedures to choose immigrants who will adapt well there. Quebec launched a new online application management system called Mon projet Quèbec in January 2016.

Quebec has mostly French speaking population so knowledge of French is very critical to living in Quebec. The Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Immigration Program information below should only be used as a guide.

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Step by Step procedure to apply for Quebec Immigration:

Stage 1: First apply to the Quebec government for a Certificat de sélection du Quebec (CSQ)

  • Step 1: Before apply for CSQ you need to give language tests and get educational assessment done by WES:
  • Give Language tests for English or French and get eligible score: The first step to begin your immigration journey to Quebec, Canada is to give English or/and French exam to test your proficiency. Quebec has French as its official language, so communication in French is very critical to selection for Quebec immigration.
  • Get World Education Society (WES) Assessment done for your educational qualifications: It is essential to get your educational qualification assessed by WES in order to apply for Quebec immigration as well as for Canada permanent resident visa. This evaluation of educational qualification by WES is termed as Educational Credential Assessment. It is mandatory to get an ECA done, if you have done your studies in any foreign country (any country other than Canada).
  • Step 2: Create online profile on Mon projet Quèbec to apply for Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ)
    • In order to apply for CSQ, you first need to create an account on the online application system of Quebec state referred to as Mon projet Quèbec. It is important you fill the entire application completely before you submit it. Generally, the window for accepting applications is only open for shorter time and there is long queue to submit this.
  • Step 3: Paying the required fee for CSQ application:
    • Once you have successfully submitted an application you will receive a message asking you to pay fees. You will have 30 days time to make payments for the submitted application. You can pay online using credit card or you could mail your payment. In case you are mailing the payment amount, you must ensure that payment is made in single mail otherwise your application will be cancelled.
    • The processing of your application will begin only once your payment is received. So, any payment made after the time period of 30 days will be returned to the applicant.
  • Step 4: Final submission of the application:
    • Please note that it is important for you to carefully read the immigration rules and procedures carefully before you submit the application. You must carefully mark the application intake periods for a Certificat de sélection du Quèbec.
  • Step 5: Sending the required documents:
    • When the Ministère is ready to process your application, a personalized list of documents will be sent to your Mon projet Quèbec You will have 90 days time to send all your required documents to the Ministère by mail. Your application processing will begin once your documents are received by the Ministère.

Stage 2: Once you get CSQ from Quebec government, you need to apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to become permanent resident of Canada

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form as instructed in the application package received from Quebec Ministère (after receiving CSQ):
    • Once you have received a CSQ from Quebec government you would get an application package in order to apply for Permanent Residence with Canadian Government. The application package includes a guide and all forms you need to fill out to apply for Quebec Selected Skilled Worker program. The forms are to be filled out online.
  • Step 2: Validate the filled application form and take a print out of the entire application including signatures in the form:
    • After the application form has been filled, you now need to validate this online on CIC website. Once you validate the form, it’s important for you to take the print out the application form. Please note that, it’s very important to take print out of the validation page along with the bar code.
    • You can follow the below guidelines while filling and validating the application for Canadian Permanent Resident card for Quebec Selected Skilled Worker immigration:
      • Please fill the form very carefully ensuring that you answer all the questions correctly and completely.
      • You must ensure all the forms provided in the application package are completed.
      • It’s very important to validate the form online on CIC website as instructed in application package guidelines once you have filled it successfully.
      • While taking print out of the application form please ensure you have included bar code page with your application.
      • Print all forms and sign with date as per the instructions given in the respective forms.
  • Step 3: Pay the processing fee for you and your family members who will come to Canada with you:
    • After you have completed the application for PR visa, you now need to pay visa fees (along with landing fees) along with third party fees such as Medical Exam and Police Certificate fees for all applicants (or family members) who would migrate with you (principal applicant). You can make the payments online or otherwise you need to fill payment form along with the fees and include with your application.

Benefits of Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Immigration Program:

If you apply for a PR card using Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program, you get the following benefits:

  • You can live, work, study in Quebec for a period of first 2 years (from the date of landing in Quebec)
  • After 2 years you can move anywhere in Canada
  • You can enjoy health benefits just as a Quebec citizen
  • You can apply for citizenship after spending 3 years in Canada
  • You can sponsor your family to become a permanent resident

Quebec Selected Worker Application Processing Time:

The time required to process applications depends on many critical factors such as selection objectives by geographic pool and immigration category, volume of applications, and international context.  Since application for PR visa through Quebec selected skilled worker migrations is a two step process, the processing time of application is doubled.

Firstly, you apply for CSQ through Quebec online system and then apply for PR visa to Canada. The time for processing CSQ application submitted after 31 December 2015 would be around 13 months. For all applications submitted before 31 December 2015, the processing time would be larger depending upon the geographic location of your current nationality.

Eligibility criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program:

Quebec skilled worker immigration program allows people from all over the world to apply for immigration through its own independent online system called Mon projet Quèbec.

To qualify as a Quebec migration applicant for skilled workers, there are basic factors of evaluation, such as educational qualification, training area, experience, age, language abilities in French and English, stay & family in Quebec, adaptability of your family and valid employment offer.

If you want to understand more about Quebec point based system for skilled worker, please refer Quebec-Point-Based-System-For-Skilled-Workers/

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