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We provide all type of visas for any country to the customers at an affordable cost. Our expert members are always ready to assist you to get a visa for your abroad travel. As you know Singapore has become a hub of business and commercial due to its wise immigration policies. All travelers are normally needed to go through an immigration clearance to arrive in Singapore. The security department always checks the granted visa of the visitor which is verified by the immigration officers. Our company provides all type of visa services which are essential for a traveler.

We normally help people to get their visa within a short time period. We know all the rules and regulation of the visa and our expert members advise you regarding the visa process. We provide service at an affordable cost. We are a registered company and we are quite famous for all type of visa services. We have many contacts so we assure you that you can easily get your visa through our company without any difficulties. You also always free to call us for any type of queries.

For Singapore visit, the visa apply is required and for this you need some important documents as given below –

  • Valid passport and ample funds with the return tickets and embarkation card
  • The time period of stay shown on the pass of the social visit which is given by the visitor’s passport
  • The valid arrival endorsement on the passports and number of days you stay

The visitors visit holding passes are normally not allowed to engage in any form of profession, business or employment paid when you are in Singapore.


Entry residence in Singapore:

When a pass holder applies for entry permission, they are automatically considered as the permanent status for the applicants.

For academic start:

If you want to start your study in a Singapore educational institute then an approval is required for you. The students must have equivalent grades and possess the aptitude and desire to work in Singapore after completing the study. A student must have a student pass for his possession. Need photos, id proof, and other education grade proofs.

Following are qualified to apply :

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Unwed children and spouse of a Singapore citizen
  • The aged parents of a Singapore citizen

It is not so easy to get a visa for Singapore so you need to contact with other agencies to get visa easily. We assure you that, our Visas Abroad provides you the best and fast visa services at a good price. We have immense experience in this sector and we have vast contacts so hurry up and come to our office for your visas apply. We help you in your every step of getting the visa for Singapore and other countries. The main motto of our company is to provide the visa to our customer with a less time period. Feel free to call our customer service center for any doubts arise in your mind.

Visas Abroad continues to grow every day as hundreds of its happy customers walk out with visa. You get best results when both consultants and clients work together in a mutually beneficial association. Immigration is a long journey starting with the complexity of understanding immigration process, evaluating your skills and qualifications, fulfilling document requirements, to finally applying visa on Invitation. Our job is to simply these complexities. We deal with all types of visas such as PR visa, TR visa, Study visa, visit visa, etc…

Fact Sheet:

  • Population: 2015 Estimates: 5,610,000
  • Area: 719.1 Km2
  • Population Density: 7,797/Km2
  • Currency: Singapore dollar (SGD)
  • Unemployment Rate 2016:  27%
  • Participation Rate 2016:  58.50% (Percentage Of people either employed or looking for work)
  • Average Skilled Worker Income range: SAD 60,000 – 80,000 annually
  • Capital City: Singapore (city –  state)
  • Largest Residential Area:  Bedok Planning area is the largest matured residential town in Singapore
  • National Language:  English, Malay, Mandarin, Chinese, Tamil
  • Time Zone:  SST (UTC+8)
  • Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy is commonly used accepted
  • Drives on the: left
  • Calling Code: +65
  • Internet Country level top domain(ccTLD): .sg

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Me and my wife were really confused with the process of getting a PR Visa for Australia, so we did some research online and chose Visas abroad to help us. We finally received out Visa at the earliest all because of the efforts of the Visas abroad team. Two thumbs up and a Big YES for Visas Abroad if you are looking to get your visa.

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Rohit Sharma