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United Statesof America, the World’s largest economy is composed of about 50 independent states, with only one state made up entirely of islands i.e. Hawaii. The US is the 4th largest country in the world by land area and the 3rd most populated country in the world. According to OECD Survey conducted in 2012, Americans collectively own about 40% of the total world wealth. America is often called the “Land of Free” with an iconic bell “Liberty Bell” located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, the bell has the magical words inscribed as “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof”. Another world famous iconic structure, “Statue of Liberty” is a copper statue of “Libertas”, the Roman goddess, who bears a torch and “tabula anstata” (a tablet evoking law). The USA is the largest importer of goods and second largest exporter in the world.

You would be amazed to know that USA is the world’s largest producer of natural gas and crude oil and largest consumer of petroleum in the world. The American fast food industry is the world’s largest with characteristic dishes such as pizza, hamburgers, French fries, and hot dogs. Walt Disney came up with concept of first of its kind amusement theme park, Disneyland which attracts millions of people from all over the world and has attracted about 650 million guests since its date of opening.

USA is also home to Hollywood, California – the movie capital of the world. The country is also home to many cultures and so you can enjoy a wide variety of ethnic groups, traditions, world cuisines and thrilling places during your stay here.

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Fact Sheet:

  • Population: 2016 Estimates: 324,720,797
  • Area: 9,833,517 Km2
  • Population Density: 35/km2
  • Currency: United States Dollar ($)
  • Unemployment Rate 2016: 4.7 %
  • Participation Rate 2016: 63 % (Percentage Of people either employed or looking for work)
  • Average Skilled Worker Income range: $50-80 per hour
  • Capital City: Washington, D.C.
  • Largest City: New York City
  • National Language: English
  • Time Zone: (UTC -4 to -12, +10, +11), (UTC -4 to -10)
  • Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Drives on the: Right
  • Calling Code: +1
  • Internet Country level top domain (ccTLD): .us, .gov, .mil, .edu

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