Quebec PNP is going to open on 13 June 2016 at 8:30 Montreal time for those applicants who have already created their mon projet. To submit Quebec PNP application first step is to create mon projet after creating moon project an applicant can submit his application for Quebec nomination through Virtual waiting room.

If his application is accepted by Quebec government than government will issue nomination certificate to those applicant to apply PR visa. This entire process takes time around 24 month.

To qualify under Quebec PNP program, an applicant have to score 49 points based upon his age, qualification, work experience, IELTS, area of training and French. The fee levied by the Quebec government to process immigration application is:

Principal Applicant     773 CAD

Dependent                   166 CAD

Funds Requirements is :

  • One adult     3046 CAD
  • Two adult     4467 CAD
  • One child      4093 CAD
  • Two children 5004 CAD

Quebec is one of the happiest and developed provinces in Canada. Quebec job market is very good for IT engineer, nurses, Civil engineer, Automobile engineer, Mechanical engineer, French tutor etc. Automobile engineers are highly demanded in Quebec because Quebec is a hub for automobile sector.

If you will be issued PR under Quebec PNP program, you need to live and work in Quebec only.

Author: visasabroad
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