Are you looking to build your career and seek best opportunities in the city of sails, New Zealand? If you are, the New Zealand government is actively inviting skilled and experienced professionals to immigrate and settle down in this beautiful country. Settling in New Zealand is no possible unless you get a PR visa

As we all know, acquiring a Visa is a burdensome task, it requires a lot of attention and strenuous workload which most of the time, takes away your valuable time. Our dedicated team of Visas Abroad comes to your rescue at this time as we help and assist you to get your Visa issued and let you relax and focus on your important tasks.

With that being said, let us now look at the Permanent Residency Visa processes, benefits, eligibility, criteria etc.

The New Zealand Permanent Residency PR Visa Process

The PR process of New Zealand begins with a candidate choosing his Visa form like Family Category Visa, Skilled Migrant Visa etc. Once, the candidate fulfills the requirements for the New Zealand PR Visa, he/she then goes ahead to apply for the Visa.

While the Work Permit Visa also grants you access to New Zealand but it comes with many different requirements, the processing time for the Visa and application process as well.

We at Visas Abroad deal with a very special and prominent Visa called the Permanent Residency Visa as it comes with a number of benefits and features. So, let us now understand the details of this Visa.

PR Points Needed for New Zealand PR Visa

A points-based system selects the candidates who are seeking a Visa to New Zealand. The points are based on key profile factors like age, language skills, work experience, employment offer, etc.

Altogether, the candidate is required to score 160 points to be eligible to apply for the Visa. The New Zealand immigration authority then sends ITA to the eligible applicants.

Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand PR

New Zealand is known to be one of the toughest countries to migrate. The immigration authority of New Zealand demands a whopping 160 points for an applicant to immigrate in the country.

Therefore, here is the eligibility criteria that the candidate must meet in order to be eligible to migrate to Canada.

  • The candidate needs to be under 55 years of age.
  • The candidate should be in sound health.
  • There should be no criminal records against the candidate
  • The candidate must have impeccable English skills.
  • The candidate’s profile should fulfill the occupation demands and conditions of New Zealand.
  • The candidate should hold 10 years of relevant work experience.

Process of Applying for a New Zealand PR Visa through SMC

The process of the PR to New Zealand through SMC begins with the candidate submitting his Expression of Interest on SMC. The candidate provides his details, which includes personal details, educational and professional qualifications.

If the candidate’s EOI seems good to the New Zealand immigration system, the EOI is accepted and an Invitation to Apply is sent. Then the candidate has to provide proof of details mentioned on his EOI and this further requires submitting the required documents to start with the Visa process.

Benefits of Permanent Residency in New Zealand

A New Zealand PR Visa holder enjoys all the rights that a New Zealand citizen does. He can live and work in New Zealand for an indefinite period. The candidate can leave and re-enter New Zealand any number of times.

After spending a required number of years in New Zealand, the candidate can also apply for citizenship. If the candidate wishes to study in New Zealand, he will be paying normal scholar rates.

Moreover, the candidate also receives medical and social security benefits from the New Zealand government. Children born to the candidates in New Zealand become New Zealanders automatically.

Things to Keep in Mind before Applying for a PR to New Zealand

There are certain things that the candidate should keep in mind before stepping into this Visa process. First of all, the candidate should make sure that he/she has 10 years of consecutive work experience. The candidate should clear his English competency examination like IELTS or PTE-A.

Why should you Consult Visas Abroad for your PR?

We at Visas Abroad will appoint a case manager for you, who will keep in touch with you throughout your case. Additionally, our consultants will guide you accordingly in the arrangement of your documents.

We will also assist you in formatting your CV according to New Zealand standards. Our consultancies in New Zealand will actively circulate your CV in New Zealand job banks.

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