Acquiring a Visa is not easy. At these difficult times Visa applicants generally lookout for reliable Visa consultants. Mostly, people try finding cheaper yet better Visa consultants and often fall prey to their immigration frauds.

Reportedly, four such fraudulent immigration cases since October 2012 came to light and government is actively asking Visa aspirants to judge clearly before proceeding with any processes with Visa consultancies.

Four individuals connected to New Can Consultants and Wellong International Investments have been found guilty of immigration misrepresentations and tax evasion. Criminal investigations were carried out by these fraudulent consultants and CBSA and CRA have declared sentences on September 15.

CBSA lately revealed that individuals claiming to be working on behalf of New Can Consultants provided fake information to clients. The individuals provided fake addresses and phone numbers claiming that they reside in Canada when they actually did not.

Approximately 800 clients of the company have lost their permanent residency or citizenship status to BC after series of measures were taken against the company.

Arrests made in New Can Consultancy Case

In October 2012, Xun “Sunny” Wang, owner of the company was arrested along with three other employees. The company’s owner was sentenced to prison after being proven guilty of passport fraud, misrepresentation, forgery and tax evasion. Wang’s sentence included seven years of jail time and a penalty of $900,000.

In July 2017, a man named Che Fang issued an exclusion order from Canada for representing himself as an employee of a company. Fang deceived clients by showing them fake paycheques and T4 slips.

In August 2017,  BC sentenced Tian Gary Chen and Xiao Ben Chu to community service of 40 hours after they plead guilty of being unlicensed immigration consultants.

In September 2017, BC sentenced Zhen Wen Vicky Ye to two years of jail term and issued a fine of $94,532 for passport fraud, misrepresentation and tax evasion.

Assistant Director of Criminal Investigations Section at CBSA announced that they are actively looking for fake immigration consultants who are abusing the immigration system and taking necessary action against them.

As immigration fraud cases are coming into light, applicants should be aware of all the way how fake consultancies are fooling their clients. The most used method how fake consultancies deceive clients is by providing fake job offers.

Immigration Frauds – Fake Job Offers

Securing a job from a Canadian employer can ease the Visa process and add to CRS score. Consultancies use this to their advantage and fool clients with fake job offers. Some Provincial Nominee Program streams only accept candidates who have a job offer from an employer.

Though, it is not mandatory for a candidate to have a job offer before applying for PNP via Express Entry. Having a job offer can also add from 50-200 points in CRS for the applicant. Therefore, having a job offer will improve a candidate’s potential of receiving the ITA.

How can verify if the Job Offer is Legitimate

Visa applicants should research about any job offer that they receive from their consultants. The first step is to look for the website and the E-mail address that sent the offer email. A legitimate E-mail address should look professional.

If the recruiter or employer asks for a fee or deposit, this could, in turn, mean a fraud.  Canadian companies often conduct an interview before hiring candidates. Applicants should be aware of this and should not fall prey to such immigration frauds.




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