The NSW Visa nomination program came into practice in February 2015. The program helps skilled workers immigrate to Australia. The NSW nomination program will also continue in the financial year of 2017-18.
Occupation list of NSW nomination program is updated from time to time. Additionally, there are no specified dates assigned when an invitation to a candidate might arrive as NSW selection and nomination continues throughout the year.

What is NSW Nomination Program?

NSW nomination program is a skill-based selection program that selects skilled candidates. These candidates need to fulfill the occupation demands of Australia. 

The Subclass 190 NSW Visa

The 190 Visa allows candidates applying under the NWS scheme to become permanent residents of the country. The government believes that the shortlisted candidates will aid in growing the country’s economy.

Important features of NSW Visa Subclass 190

  •  The NSW government can appoint skilled candidates with an occupation that is listed on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List).
  • This is a points-based Visa and candidates nominated under this program are awarded five extra points that add up to their score.
  • While holding this Visa, the candidate will need to live first two years in New South Wales during their stay in Australia.
Furthermore, candidates receiving an ITA for NSW nomination need to essentially prove that they meet the requirements of NSW and DIBP.

The Nomination Program

Candidates for NSW nomination are selected from the SkillSelect, DIBP’s online registration system. Candidates ranking higher are selected from SkillSelect and invited to apply for NSW nomination. While all this might seem easy but NSW nomination might bring in specific requirements for specific job knock code or ANZSCO code.
For instance, n xyz job might need a candidate to score higher in IELTS test; or maintain a specific amount of bank balance; or need an employment letter; or need skill in a particular language; or sometimes require specific points. The candidate may also need to pay special charges to the state authority nominating him.

Steps to Follow for NSW Nomination Program…

Here are detailed steps on how you can apply for NSW nomination program:
  • Submit an EOI in SkillSelect: You need to make sure that you meet the requirements of NSW 190 Visa. Submit your details in the EOI. You need to contact NSW after submission of EOI.
  • Check your E-mail to learn whether you have been invited or not: There is no guarantee that submitting your EOI will grant you an ITA. There is no set time frame in which a reply from NSW can be expected.
  • Once selected, you will receive an invitation to apply on your registered E-mail ID.
  • Provide proofs of submitted documents: Upon receiving an ITA for the NSW 190 Visa, you should own all proofs for documents that you submitted in the EOI.
  • Candidates are required to submit an online application within 14 days from the day they are invited. The NSW applications take about 12 weeks to process.
  • If nominated by NSW, candidates need to visit DIBP and within 60 days of receiving the ITA and apply for the Visa.

Benefits of the NSW Visa

Candidates enjoy almost similar rights as that of a Permanent Resident. There are certain restrictions put on the person that bind him to a state or territory for first two years in New South Wales. The candidate and his family enjoy all government benefits, which include health insurance, unemployment funds, child care and etc.
The candidate is also free to travel to and from Australia without worrying about Visa limit. The candidate can also tour anywhere in Australia but will need to work in the state that NSW orders the candidate to. After staying in Australia for about 4 years, the candidates can then go ahead and apply for citizenship.

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