If you are one of those aspiring Canada immigrants, you should already be aware of Express Entry. In short, Express Entry is a Canadian immigration system to select quality immigrants. Applicants applying for Canada PR Visa should be aware of CRS scores. CRS scores determine if an applicant will receive an ITA or not.
Now that many applicants apply for PR to Canada, they score different CRS scores. Considering that, the Canadian immigration system puts candidates in respective score pools. Express Entry Invitation Round take these score pools into consideration.
Putting candidates in score pools makes it easier to select higher ranking candidates. During invitation rounds, the assessing body considers each score pool. The assessing body prioritizes candidates ranking higher in each pool.
The candidates then get an invitation to apply for PR. Getting an ITA does not mean that a candidate will issue a PR. The candidate will still need to meet the required eligibility criteria. Only if satisfied, the Canadian immigration authority will grant a PR to him.
Each Express Entry invitation round has set instructions that a candidate must be aware of. These instructions include the date and time of the invitation round and the number of candidates issuing the ITA.
However, the invitations are based on CRS scores if no instructions are mentioned. Sometimes, candidates falling under specific immigration program receive an invitation. The candidate should thus read all instructions properly. 

Number of Applications in the Express Entry Pool as of now

The recent invitation rounds conducted on September 20, 2017, issued 2,871 ITAs. The minimum CRS score of 433 was a requirement for eligibility in the previous invitation round. However, there are a total of 59,917 applications in the Express Entry invitation round pool.
Corresponding applicants fall into specific CSR score pools according to their CRS scores. Eligible and high-ranking candidates are picked from the pool once they meet the CRS draw. For information on the number of applications in the pool, go through the table below.
601-1200 209
451-600 851
401-450 12,802
441-450 301
431-440 1,112
421-430 2,945
411-420 3,483
401-410 4,961
351-400 26,331
391-400 4,459
381-390 5,420
371-380 5,521
361-370 5,536
351-360 5,395
301-350 16,772
0-300 2,952
TOTAL 59,917

Composition of Express Entry Pool

The dynamic Express Entry pool ranks the candidates according to their CRS scores. A candidate can score a maximum of 1,200 CRS score. These scores are divided into two portions. The first part of CRS scores includes the candidate’s core scores.
The core scores comprise of candidate’s age, educational qualifications, work experience, and English skill. The second part of CRS scores depends upon the additional 600 points that CRS awards to the candidate.
These additional points depend upon certain factors like an employment offer or provincial nomination. But again, Express Entry picks candidates ranking higher in the scoring pool. Moreover, a candidate’s rank may also change when a candidate enters or leaves the pool.


The CRS draws a cut-off every fortnight and it is advisable that candidates stay updated. Staying updated with the CRS cut-off gives a brief idea on how the immigration process in various programs is carried out. This will also assist the candidate to be prepared if he meets the cut-off requirements or if the cut-off draw is anywhere near his CRS score.

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