An Educational Credential Evaluation means evaluating your educational accomplishments as per Canadian standards. This helps educational authorities, immigration bodies, schools and institutes to understand your educational background.

The WES educational credential evaluation is a process that includes identifying and describing your educational credentials. It also verifies if your credentials are authentic or not and judge the equivalency of your credentials to Canadian standards. After assessing all this, the WES will create a report of your academic credentials.


The WES does evaluations for various fields to which an applicant belongs. These bodies may include Educational bodies, Professional License and Certification, Employment or immigration bodies. Let us understand the entire process in detail below.

  • Immigration: Assessing a candidate’s academic accomplishments begins with a Document-by-Document evaluation. A Document-by-Document evaluation forms a report after assessing a candidate’s qualification documents. This report contains the candidate’s name, requirements for entry, the program length and the equivalency in terms of Canadian education.
  • Education: The Document-by-Document evaluation is a recommendation to candidates willing to pursue further education. Everything else follows as per the immigration Educational Credential Evaluation method. In case, the candidate is looking for a transfer to a specified educational body or is applying for graduate admissions, the process of evaluation changes. These specific candidates will have to undergo a Course-by-Course evaluation.

The Course-by-Course evaluation judges the list of all courses that the candidate completes. A candidate’s scores and grades are taken into account and evaluated against Canadian standards.

Documents Required to Assess WES Educational Credential Evaluation

Documents required for ECA evaluation are country-specific. Some documents are mandatory and candidates must make sure they possess them all. The candidate must have his diploma or degree certificate. He must have a transcript of his mark-sheet.

The candidate must also get his documents translated, if not in English. He should also obtain the Licence to Practice from respective body.

How Can Your Evaluation Report Be Useful?

An ECA can be useful to candidates in various fields. The WES educational evaluation report can be used for pursuing an education in Canada.

It can also help you in acquiring a professional license or a certificate as per Canadian standards. A WES report is necessary and is a requirement by employers in Canada for immigrating professionals.

WES Evaluation Fee

The ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) costs CAD $322.05 besides other applicable charges. There are additional if the candidate issues a delivery of the evaluation report with or without tracking.

WES Evaluation Time

The WES evaluation time takes up to seven business days. Also, note that the processing time begins after receiving all the required documents and payments in full from the applicant. In case of IRCC applications, the processing time can take up to 20-25 days.

How Long Will The WES Report Be Valid?

After conducting the evaluation, WES stores the reports in their database. These reports have a validity of 5 years and do not expire. Candidates can order a duplicate copy of their evaluation report at any given time during these five valid years.

Academic reports are stored up to 10 years. WES can store your report indefinitely after receiving a written authorization from the candidate.

Benefits of WES Educational Credential Evaluation

WES Educational Credential Evaluation empowers the candidate and his advisory to make informed decisions. It allows the Canadian or US educational bodies like academic institutions, professional licensing boards to understand the level of education that a candidate possesses.

It also helps skilled immigrants to apply for further education, acquire professional licensing and attain employment or consider alternative career pathways.

Who Should I Get The Credential Evaluation Done?

Candidates seeking employment, further education, professional licensing, career and academic planning or any combination from these should get a WES Credential Evaluation Done.

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