Australia is beautiful country with lots of landscapes to witness and many opportunities to seek. Skilled workers often consider Australia to work in due to increase in skill demand and over the par pay scale.

Australia lures in professionals to the country because of its lavish lifestyle, high living standards, a stable economy, democratic government rules, diverse culture and much more.

Due to low population growth and lack of skilled workers to the country, Australia is open to accept skilled professionals to migrate in the country and help in the improvement of country’s economy.

There are many occupations for candidates to choose from, let’s take a look at the 4 most in-demand of these occupations –

4 Highly Demanding Occupations in Australia

The short-term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) of Australia releases a list of highly demanding occupations every year. We have picked 5 occupations highly in demand in Australia.

  1. Engineers

For the year 2017-18, the Australian government has announced that it will be accepting up to 2000 applications for skilled migrating engineers. Engineers can work in the job sectors of manufacturing, civil, infrastructure, defense etc.

If you are a well-experienced engineer, you can apply for a vast list of engineer occupations mentioned on the STSOL list. Professional Engineers, Engineer Technologists, Engineering Associates and Engineering Managers are all accepted professional by the Australian engineering occupations.

  1. IT Professionals

The profession of IT is such that is always in high demand and will always remain for a reasonable amount of time in many countries. Talking of Australia, the country requires a whopping 100,000 IT professionals in the coming 4-5 years.

It is an excellent opportunity to grab for IT professionals when the occupation is in demand. Invitations to engineers in Australia have always seen a progressively increasing growth with more engineers being invited that the previous draw.

  1. Accounts and Finance Department

The accounts and finance department in many Australian companies and organization are seeking skilled professionals. Thousands of professionals apply for accounts and finance occupations each year in Australia and its states.

The Government of Australia has announced that 4,785 applications falling under the accounts and finance occupations list will be selected for the current year 2017-18. If you are a professional in accounts and finance, the Australian government is inviting you to migrate and work with them.

  1. Construction Management

With a country that is growing at a fast pace in all positive aspects, the need for better and quality infrastructure is a necessity. As Australian infrastructure industry is growing, big and new projects are being launched requiring highly skilled construction professionals. Australian regions like Melbourne, New South Wales, etc. are actively looking for skilled construction managers in high numbers.

The quota for the year 2017-18 is a requirement of total 5,400 construction managers. Surprisingly, only 36 applications for this occupation have been accepted as of now by the Australian government. Hence, this is right opportunity to apply for this job and expect a positive outcome.

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