Australia is one of the most beautiful and wonderful countries to settle in. Australia nowadays is also considered as the land of opportunities. Many skilled professionals are willing to shift to Australia and explore new opportunities.

Australia’s Skilled Worker Migration program makes it a possibility for immigrants to migrate, work and settle in Australia permanently. Let’s now consider the 10 key points every Australian migrant must know.

1. Cost of Living in Australia

Australian Migrants will definitely look for accommodation upon landing in Australia. The cost of living in Australia of a person or family will depend upon their accommodation and lifestyle. For example, a smaller room or flat will be less expensive than a bigger flat or a house.

Cost of living in Australia also depends upon the city where you live. Cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne are relatively expensive than other cities.

Your money in Australia will be spent on following –

  • House Rent
  • Transportation
  • Groceries
  • Health Care
  • Utilities like Mobile, Electricity, Gas, Internet, etc

2. Taxation in Australia

Only the federal government collects income tax in Australia. The State government has not been collecting any income tax since World War 2. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax of flat 10% levied by the federal government.

The GST is levied on the supply of most goods and services. GST is applicable on a number of supplies, however, it is not levied on basic foodstuffs, medical, education and financial services, etc.

There are different payroll taxes levied on salaries across different Australian states by the federal government.

3. Job Opportunities in Australia

As mentioned earlier, Australia is now known as the land of opportunities. Nevertheless, did you know that finding a job in Australia is not easy? It takes a lot of effort, preparation, hard work and determination to be successful and crack an interview.

Although, you might have all the necessary skill-set that an Australian employer requires but you will still need to hold a respective Visa to migrate to Australia and work. The permanent residence visa that we deal in allows professionals to migrate to Australia, settle and work with top employers of Oz.

Applying for a job in Australia can begin with listing down Australia job assisting websites and contacting the employers, you are interested in. You can also signup for a LinkedIn account and connect with Australian employers and have a chat session with them. These were just a few methods of applying for an Australian job but there are much more ways to apply.

4. Food to Explore in Australia

Australia has been witnessing immigration to the country since a long while. People from different regions and cultures began settling down in Australia and this led to the introduction of different cuisine styles in Australia.

So, if you visit Australia, you will be greeted with different cuisines and delicacy ranging from Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, etc. Australian chefs are best known for fusion cooking which involves Mexican style cooking with an Asian taste.

Australia is considered as the meat-eating capital of the world. As agriculture has become a strong part of the Australian economy, many Australians are becoming vegetarians. This has led many restaurants to introduce more vegetarian options on the menu.

5. Social Benefits for PR Holders in Australia

Being a PR Holder of Australia comes with a number of benefits. These benefits help an Australian PR holder to be comfortable in the new country not of their origin. Holding a PR Visa makes you a permanent resident of Australia which lets you enjoy most of the Australian citizen rights except for involving in government jobs and casting votes.

Working in Australia is easier if you have a permanent residency Visa. When social security is taken into regards, a permanent residency holder in Australia is entitled to receive healthcare and unemployment benefits. Australian Permanent Residents will enjoy the healthcare service run by Australian government called Medicare.

If you are an Australian PR holder, you can also apply for New Zealand Visa easily. Moreover, PR holders in Australia can apply for any kind of occupation in Australia.

6. Driving License in Australia for Foreign National People

The laws of driving in Australia differ from state to state. Some states request you to carry your international driving license as well as foreign license while other states might want you to carry your foreign license and a formal translation of your international license.

In most Australian states and territories, you are allowed to drive around with an overseas license. You can use your overseas license as long as it is considered current. Although, you are only allowed to drive vehicles listed on your overseas license and you are to follow the driving rules as well.

7. Health Care Benefits in Australia for PR Holders

Australian PR holders are entitled to the healthcare service offered by the Australian government called Medicare. Taxpayers fund the Medicare service of Australia. Healthcare through Medicare is readily available for Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and PR holders.

Most people will be paying a tax on their salary called the Medicare levy. The current Medicare levy is 1.5%.

As a new resident in Australia, you will need to register yourself with Medicare office. You will be required to complete a Medicare form and then take your passport and visa documents as evidence. After the registration is done, you will be awarded the Medicare card. You can include up to five people in your Medicare card.

Read more about Health Care Benefits here: Healthcare Insurance and Medicare in Australia for PR Holders and Immigrants

8. Unemployment Benefits for Australia PR Holders

The unemployment benefits of Australian PR holder is worth noting. An Australian PR holder can claim the unemployment benefits if he loses job, is fired or retrenched. Only Australian citizens and permanent residency visa holder can claim unemployment benefits.

Availing the unemployment benefit depends upon a number of factors. First of all, you should show that you are willing to work. A number of unemployment benefits are available via Centrelink to support people who have lost their jobs.

Firstly, Centrelink will help you in finding a job and if everything fails will provide you certain funds to survive while you hunt for a job.

Read more about unemployment benefits: Unemployment Benefits for Australian Permanent Residence Holders

9. Job Options for PR Holders and Spouse

If you are a PR holder of Australia, you can easily work in any job sector of your choice after cracking the respective interviews. It is not just you who can enjoy this but if you have your spouse along, he/she can also work in Australia for full-time. This means a couple working in Australia will be able to earn a handsome amount and create enough savings.

10. Australia Citizenship Options and Benefits for Australia PR Holders

Becoming an Australian citizen grants you a number of benefits. A PR holder who becomes a citizen of Australia will be able to join defense and take a political stand. He is also eligible to cast votes. After becoming a citizen of Australia, you can also apply for an Australian passport. Children born to you overseas will be declared Australians citizens by birth.

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