As an Australian permanent resident, you are eligible to claim the unemployment benefits in case you are unemployed. In Australia, the benefits paid by the Government are known as social security payments. These payments are administered by Australian government agency known as Centrelink.

Australian citizens and PR holders can only claim the social security benefits offered by the Australian government. New Australian residents become eligible for the social security benefits after completing a stay of 104 weeks in Australia.

The Australian unemployment benefit is a part of social security benefits. Any period of residency counts towards the total of 104 weeks.

Unemployment Benefits

Centrelink provides a number of benefits for unemployed individuals in Australia provided the individual demonstrate that he is actively looking for a job. However, participation in Centrelink is required before availing this benefit. Upon becoming unemployed at any point in time, you should contact Centrelink to avail its benefits and job assistance.

Centrelink arranges a job appointment for the individual with job services. The Job Services Australia provides assistance and guidance by helping unemployed individuals get back to work.

Individuals are also assisted with job applications and interviews, information on job vacancies, skills developments and education and training programs. The Job Services Australia takes out even work experience placement.

Australian Government Allowance While Looking for a Job

  • Payments while looking for a job

The Australian government provides the Newstart Allowance assistance for youths looking for a job. These youths may be demotivated due to loss of job, educational setback or retrenchment.

The Newstart Allowance amount you will receive depends on your situation and financial requirements. There may be waiting periods before applying for availing the Newstart Allowance.

The Youth Allowance provides help for young people who are:

  • Studying full time
  • Taking a full-time Australian apprenticeship
  • Training
  • Looking for work
  • Temporarily unemployed or incapacitated to study

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Australia

  • Newstart Allowance

The Newstart allowance provides financial support to unemployed people between the age of 22 and pensionable age. These individuals should be actively seeking a job. The Newstart allowance is asset and income-tested and may not be paid immediately if an individual is proven to have sufficient funds to support his survival.

You need not fill forms while applying for Newstart allowance but you will need to register intent to claim at the Centrelink customer service center. These centers interview job seekers to understand their circumstances and assess their eligibility. As proof of identity, the individuals must show their income and assets.

What do you need to do?

First, you must know if you can avail the Newstart Allowance. To get the Newstart Allowance, you must:

  • Be between the age of 22 and pensionable age group.
  • Either be Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be unemployed, with income and assets below a certain amount
  • Prove that you are actively looking for job
  • Not be on a work strike

Claiming Newstart Allowance

These are the steps to claim your Newstart Allowance:

  1. Create Centrelink account and connect them with your myGov account.
  2. Keep your documents ready: You just have 14 days time to submit documents which makes it a must to be ready beforehand. These documents are Proof of Identity, Employment Termination, Bank Details, Income Evidence. There may be a requirement for further additional documents and you must get them ready as soon as possible.
  3. Fill details in the claim form.
  4. Provide your documents.
  5. Book a phone appointment with Centrelink.
  6. Meet with an employment service provider.
  7. Check your myGov inbox to view the result of your claim.
  8. Make your first report with Centrelink.
  9. Make a report on your job search every two weeks.

Funds You Can Earn

Most single persons can earn up to $538.80 every 2 weeks but this definitely depends on your employment status, savings and personal circumstances.

  • Youth Allowance

The Youth Allowance is a payment made to individuals between the age of 16 and 20 years. The payment is made in order to support the individual while he is looking for a full time job, studying or taking an Australian Apprenticeship.

Applicants are expected to take up full time jobs if they do not have a year 12 school certificate, or equivalent. People up to the age of 24 can claim youth allowance if they are studying or taking up a full time Australian Apprenticeship.

Youth Allowance payments are income and assets-tested if the individual is independent. Parental means test is conducted if the individual is dependent. If the individual is looking for a job and wishes to claim the Youth Allowance, he must demonstrate an intent to claim at a Centrelink customer service center. Identity proof and of any income is required to support the application.

  • Parenting Payment

The parenting payment is made to single person responsible for the care of a child under the age of eight. Payment is made for a child under the age of six if the care-taker has a partner. In order to be eligible for the parenting payment, the income and assets of the primary caretaker of the child should be below certain amount.

In order to access parenting amount, the individual should make an intent to claim to Centrelink. The claim can be made either online or at any Centrelink customer service center. If the claimant has stopped working, he should provide an employment separation certificate to support his unemployment claim.

These were the ways on how you can avail the unemployment benefits or unemployment insurance while staying in Australia. The Australian government’s unemployment benefits are really a support to people who are unemployed and are actively seeking jobs.

For skilled immigrants, it is highly unlikely to stay unemployed but this is something that everyone immigrating to Australia should know.

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