The mid-fall is here and there are some slight and some minor changes to the Provincial Nominee Programs of Canadian provinces. Provinces across the country are actively welcoming skilled professionals, graduates and entrepreneurs to migrate.

The Provincial Nominee Program allows provinces to nominate migrants for permanent residents. Some special PNP streams know as enhanced streams are aligned with the federal Express Entry selection system. Individuals nominated through enhanced streams results in applicants to secure an additional 600 CRS score and Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Streams that are not part of the Express Entry are referred to as Base Streams. These Base Streams may not be of an interest for many Canadian migrants but some individuals might keep an eye on these streams for migrating to Canada.

The Canada’s Immigration Level Plans 2017, has set a target of welcoming 54,000 new permanent residents through the Provincial Nominee Program alone. The new immigration level plan will be updated in the coming two weeks unveiling news and updates on any changes in the plan.


In the current year, Saskatchewan has seen some evident updates to its skilled worker sub-categories. These updates led more applicants to approach to the newly opened streams. The popular sub-categories of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) – International Skilled Worker (Express Entry) and International Skilled Worker (Occupations-in-Demand) sub-categories, allow candidates to apply without needing a job offer provided they have work experience in any of the occupations in demand list.

Late July witnessed an increase in occupations list with an addition of 40 more occupations in the occupations-in-demand list. While doing so, the Express Entry sub-category was opened for 600 news applicants. Surprisingly, this list was filled soon enough. Seeing the prompt response and success of the sub-category, the limit for intake was increased to 1200 on August 9. This intake was filled within a day.

Later in August, Saskatchewan further made changes to the annual intake threshold for the Express Entry Sub-Category from 1700 to 2600. Seeing these progressive changes, it is safe to say that Saskatchewan may further increase the intake limit threshold in the coming mid-fall update under both the sub-categories.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s popular Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry (NSDEE) is one of the popular streams and a part of Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). NSNP has an eligible occupations demand list much like the Saskatchewan sub-categories. NSDEE’s occupation list works on a first come, first serve basis. Anyhow a job offer is not required while applying to this stream but an active Express Entry profile is a necessity.

On October 11, Nova Scotia opened this stream for up to 300 new applications. Strikingly the intake was filled within a single day. Nova Scotia has stated that its NDSEE is set to reopen for further more intakes in the coming months. These updates may be announced during the mid-fall updates in the coming two weeks.

British Columbia (BC)

The months of August and September were the most occupied months of British Columbia. Up to 2000 applications were received to assess and process under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP). A range of skilled workers, graduates and entrepreneurs participated in the program and witnessing the striking interest of individuals, BC launched a new stream solely for tech workers called BC PNP Tech Pilot.

The high interest of individuals for immigrating to BC may encourage BC to include more streams and intake thresholds for individuals.


Manitoba is known to invite skilled workers and businesspersons to apply for provincial nomination under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The draw conducted on August 15, saw an invitation sent to 443 candidates. The next draw conducted on September 26 witnessed an invitation to 349 candidates. These candidates were invited under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba category.

Through MPNP stream, candidates can also seek for permanent residency who are not eligible for Canada Express Entry pool.

The Manitoba Business Stream (MPNP-B) has invited 98 candidates to apply to the MPNP-B since July. The MPNP –B stream allows businesspersons to straightaway apply for permanent residency. There is no need to have any temporary residence period in order to apply for permanent residency.

No further news was issued for Manitoba streams thus new updates may be made in the coming mid-fall update.

New Brunswick

In the month of September, New Brunswick’s enhanced stream called the Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS) began accepting skilled workers who have an expertise in the eligible occupation and had attended an information session hosted by New Brunswick immigration authorities.

The EELMS functions on an Expression of Interest (EOI) basis. Eligible candidates interested in settling down in New Brunswick must first enter the pool of candidates from which highly ranked candidates will be invited to apply for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBNP). Seeing how EELMS functions, it is clear to say that it is one of the highly dynamic streams for immigration. Many tweaks are made to the stream for easy and smooth functioning.

More news or a tweak made to the New Brunswick may be heard in the upcoming weeks.


The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program has seen a number of changes since July. All of a sudden, the province also witnessed a heavy flow of applications.

It is when Ontario decided to place a hold on these applications and decided to meet the occupation demand of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In this process, Ontario started selecting ICT eligible candidates even when they did not meet a CRS score of 400.

The Human Capital Priorities stream is closed for now and may reopen anytime. Nominations are still carried out by OINP under the Express Entry system.

Updates of OINP as of now are that in September, the province began accepting applications under the Corporate Stream. In the month of October, Ontario started accepting online applications under the International Masters Graduate and PhD Graduate streams.


Alberta is the hottest immigrating province of Canada currently. The province of Alberta has issued 4300 provincial nomination certificates till date under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP).

Over the last three months, around 1,150 of these nominations have been issued. The AINP staffs are effectively working and their dedication is clearly visible.

As of now, no AINP categories are with Express Entry but individuals with a nomination certificate may apply for permanent residency.

The AINP consists of three streams as given below:

  • The Strategic Recruitment Stream for tradespersons, engineers and post-graduate workers
  • The Employer-Driven Stream categorized into skilled workers, international graduates and semi-skilled workers
  • The Self-Employed Farmer Stream to purchase and develop a farm in Alberta

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