The land of opportunity, Canada, cordially invites skilled professionals from around the world to migrate to the country as permanent residents. Offering a wide variety of immigration programs and visa options, Canada has become a dream destination for job opportunity seekers and students alike.

The country has set a quota of almost 54,000 permanent resident immigrants to the country in the current fiscal year. In order to get a job and live in Canada, you need to be a permanent resident of the country.

To be a permanent resident of Canada, you will need a permanent resident Visa. Unlike other Visa categories, the permanent residence Visa is not an easy one to possess. It requires an individual to meet the eligibility criteria and provide necessary documents while filing the Visa.

Generally, it takes about 5-6 months for a permanent residence visa for Canada to be processed. Not just time but you will also be putting in a lot of effort while filing your Visa. You will also need to maintain precision while providing your information and documents.

This is where we, Visas Abroad, the best Canadian immigration consultant in Delhi – NCR comes to your aid. We file your Visa on your behalf and ensure that there are no errors made while doing our job.

The process of filing your Visa begins with a technical evaluation of your profile. We provide you with a technical evaluation application in which you fill in your details including qualifications, work experience, age and English competency level.

This application is then reviewed by our expert panel that evaluates your profile. If your evaluation report turns out to be positive, you are advised to proceed ahead with the Visa process.

Here is where things turn tricky, the process includes evaluation of your education by a Canadian educational verification body, creation of your profile for Visa process, assistance with IELTS test (if you have not faced one recently) and guiding you about documentation.

Our main motive is to maintain transparency during the process. Building a trustworthy and a friendly relationship with our clients has always been one of our goals.

Once you register with us to file your Visa, we assign a case manager to you, who would always be available anytime you have a query regarding your visa application or process.

There are a lot of complexities and technicalities that arise while filing a permanent residence visa. We understand that paying a huge amount may make you think twice before looking up for this Visa but trust us, we assist you with jobs as well.

This means, when you land in Canada, you will be ready to work with a Canadian employer. Oh! Did I tell you that the salary package offered in Canada begins at 4 lacs per month?

Our clients are happy about their relationship with us and are reviewing us on various social platforms. This means the world to us and keeps us motivated to keep us doing our job with utmost sincerity for which we are called the best Canadian immigration consultant in Delhi – NCR.

We are looking forward to a trustworthy and honorable relationship with you.

For any queries or information, feel free to contact us.

Author: visasabroad
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