From November 2014, the Australian immigration authority is also accepting TOEFL iBT to fulfill English language requirements for many visa categories. TOEFL measures the English level of a candidate and how they can use it in academics.

Who Takes the TOEFL iBT Test?

As per a study, about 30 million people around the world take the TOEFL  test. The TOEFL test is taken by:

  • Students planning to pursue higher education
  • Scholarships and certification candidates
  • English language learners
  • Students and workers applying for visas

Where can you find TOEFL iBT local centres?

The local TOEFL local master centers are located in specific countries, the information for which is available here. The master TOEFL centers are in France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Where are TOEFL Test Scores accepted?

Around 10,000 colleges, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries around the world accept TOEFL scores. The TOEFL scores are also accepted to meet Visa requirements in Australia and the UK.

Where and When Can You Take The TOEFL iBT Tests?

The TOEFL tests are conducted on 50 dates throughout the year at authorized test centers around the world. The tests can be retaken as much as one wants but one cannot take two tests in a 12-day period.

Materials for TOEFL iBT Preparation

You can get various free and paid study materials for TOEFL. Following is a list of the same –

Paid Study Material

  • TOEFL Test Preparation and English Skill Building
  • TOEFL Practice Online
  • TOEFL Practice Online Speaking Series
  • The Official Guide to TOEFL Test, Fourth Edition
  • Official TOEFL Tests, Volume 2 – New
  • Official TOEFL Tests, Volume 1, Second Edition
  • TOEFL Online Prep Course

Free Study Material

  • TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler
  • TOEFL iBT Test Questions
  • TOEFL iBT Quick Prep

Free Additional Resources

  • TOEFL iBT Test Prep Planner


The test fee may vary across different locations.

Here is how much the TOEFL test costs in India:

Region Fee
Agartala $180
Ahmedabad $180
Allahabad $180
Amritsar $180
Bengaluru $180
Bhopal $180
Bhubaneswar $180
Chandigarh $180
Chennai $180
Coimbatore $180
Dehradun $180
Delhi $180
Guntur $180
Gurgaon (NCR Region) $180
Gwalior $180
Hyderabad $180
Indore $180
Kanpur City $180
Kochi $180
Kolkata $180
Kottayam $180
Lucknow $180
Ludhiana $180
Madurai $180
Mumbai $180
Mussoorie $180
Mysore $180
Nagpur $180
Nashik $180
Nellore $180
Panjim $180
Patna $180
Pondicherry $180
Pune $180
Surat $180
Thiruvananthapuram $180
Thrissur $180
Tirupati $180
Trichy $180
Vadodara $180
Vallabh Vidyanagar $180
Vijayawada $180
Warangal $180


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