Saskatchewan is considered to be the province of Canada with a flourishing economy. Minerals, oils, natural gas and potash are the leading resources that benefit the province’s economy. Saskatchewan resides in the center of Canada and is a very welcoming province. The province is also said to receive most sunshine than other Canadian provinces. Saskatchewan immigration becomes easier with Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Saskatchewan Immigration Express Entry

The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SINP) allows prospective and eligible candidates to be nominated by Saskatchewan Immigration for permanent residency. Saskatchewan Immigration helps people who have the required skills to meet the high economical demand locally.

It also helps people living in the province to find jobs, invest in a business or begin a new business of their own in the province. The Saskatchewan Immigration allows potential candidates and their families to apply directly with the Canadian government for immigration, thus, bypassing the complexities of the immigration procedures.

Foreign nationalists have two options for immigrating to Saskatchewan through SINP. The first option is directly applying to Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). If Saskatchewan Immigration nominates the candidate, they can move forward to creating their Express Entry profile and submitting their credentials.

The other way of immigrating to Saskatchewan is by creating an Express Entry profile and indicating their interest in the province. Saskatchewan Immigration then selects eligible candidates and invites them to apply for SINP. If nominated by Saskatchewan Immigration, the candidate is awarded an additional 600 CRS points. This additional score increases your chances of recieving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency.

Saskatchewan Immigration Provincial Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program is further divided into 3 categories and they are as follows:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category

The International Skilled Worker Category

This Saskatchewan PNP category is for candidates, who have the required education, skilled work experience, language ability and any other requirement that makes them eligible for living and working in Saskatchewan. There are three sub-categories under the international skilled worker category –

  • Employment offer sub-category
  • Occupations in demand sub-category
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category

The Employment Offer Stream

This stream is for skilled workers who have a valid job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan. In order to be eligible for this stream, candidate will require meeting certain eligibility criteria:

• The candidate must have minimum 1 year working experience in skilled occupation in the last 10 years
• The candidate must secure a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB 4)
• The candidate must score at least 60 points in accordance to the points test
• The candidate must provide valid proof of receiving an employment offer from an eligible employer in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Point Assessment System

  • Connection to Saskatchewan and adaptability – 30 points maximum
  • Education – 25 maximum points
  • Working Experience – 15 maximum points
  • Age – 12 maximum points
  • Language Proficiency – 20 maximum points

Occupations In-Demand Stream

This stream is for candidates who do not have job offer from an employee in the province but are highly skilled in an in-demand occupation of the province. There are certain requirements that a candidate must meet in order to apply under the occupations in-demand stream:

  • The candidate must have at least one year of working experience in the last ten years that is closely related to the education pursued and the work done which is classified as NOC matrix level O, A or B
  • Should have Canadian Language Benchmark score of 4
  • Should score a minimum of 60 points or higher under the SINP points grid
  • Should have at least one year of training certificate, apprenticeship or post-secondary education that granted you a degree, certificate or diploma and is equivalent to Canadian standard
  • You must provide proof of your settlement plan in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream

The Express Entry sub-category of the SINP in International Skilled Worker Category is for skilled workers that are in the pool of candidates in Express Entry system. There are certain requirements that must be met by candidates in order to be eligible for this stream:

  • You must be into the CIC Express Entry pool and have a profile number and a job validation code
  • You must have completed a training or education that resulted in you achieving a diploma, degree or equivalent certificate
  • You must score a minimum of 60 points against the points grid system
  • Must have relevant working experience in the nominated occupation
  • You must meet the language proficiency level
  • Must have required funds for settlement in the province of Saskatchewan

In-Demand Occupation in Saskatchewan

Here is the list of occupations that is considered “in-demand” by the Saskatchewan Nominee Program:

  • Oil and Gas Drillers / Servicers / Testers or related workers (NOC 8232, skill level B)
  • Carpenters (NOC 7271, skill level B)
  • Steamfitters / Pipefitters / Sprinkler System Installers (NOC 7252, skill level B)
  • Roofers / Shinglers (NOC 7291, skill level B)
  • University Professors (NOC 4121, skill level A)
  • Industrial Electricians (NOC 7242, skill level B)
  • Plumbers (NOC 7251, skill level B)
  • Bricklayers (NOC 7281, skill level B)
  • Electricians, excluding industrial and power system professionals (NOC 7241, skill level B)
  • Concrete Finishers (NOC 7282, skill level B)
  • Supervisors / Motor Transport and Other Ground Transit Operators (NOC 7222, skill level B)
  • Computer Network Technicians (NOC 2281, skill level B)
  • Business Development Officers / Marketing Researchers / Consultants (NOC 4163, skill level A)
  • Chemical Technologists / Technicians (NOC 2211, skill level B)
  • Construction Estimators (NOC 2234, skill level B)
  • Plasterers / Drywall Installers / Finishers / Lathers (NOC 7284, skill level B)
  • User Support Technicians (NOC 2282, skill level B)
  • Agricultural Service Contractors / Farm Supervisors / Specialized Livestock Workers (NOC 8252, skill level B)
  • Painters / Decorators (NOC 7294, skill level B)
  • Construction Managers (NOC 0711, skill level 0)
  • Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Mechanics (NOC 7313, skill level B)
  • Machinists / Machining / Tooling inspectors (NOC 7231, skill level B)
  • Biological Technologists / Technicians (NOC 2221, skill level B)
  • Information Systems Analysts / Consultants (NOC 2171, skill level A)
  • Sheet Metal Workers (NOC 7233, skill level B)
  • Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technologists / Technicians (NOC 2241, skill level B)
  • Civil Engineers (NOC 2131, skill level A)
  • Glaziers (NOC 7292, skill level B)
  • Electronic Service Technicians of business or household equipment (NOC 2242, skill level B)
  • Tool or Die Makers (NOC 7232, skill level B)
  • Mathematicians / Statisticians / Consultants (NOC 2161, skill level A)
  • Insulators (NOC 7293, skill level B)
  • Drafting Technologists / Technicians (NOC 2253, skill level B)
  • Tile setters (NOC 7283, skill level B)
  • Computer Programmers / Interactive Media Developers (NOC 2174, skill level A)
  • Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics (NOC 7312, skill level B)
  • Construction Millwrights / Industrial Mechanics, excluding textile (NOC 7311, skill level B)
  • Motor Vehicle Body Repairers (NOC 7322, skill level B)
  • Structural Metal / Plate work Fabricators or Fitters (NOC 7235, skill level B)
  • Automotive Service Technicians / Truck and Bus Mechanics / Mechanical Repairers (NOC 7321, skill level B)
  • Land Survey Technologists / Technicians (NOC 2254, skill level B)
  • Financial Auditors / Accountants (NOC 1111, skill level A)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists / Technicians (NOC 2232, skill level B)
  • Electrical / Electronics Engineers (NOC 2133, skill level A)
  • Systems Testing Technicians (NOC 2283, skill level B)
  • Supervisors, Petroleum / Gas / Chemical Processing / Utilities (NOC 9212, skill level B
  • Floor Covering Installers (NOC 7295, skill level B)
  • Supervisors, Motor Transport (NOC 7305, skill level B)
  • Mechanical Engineers (NOC 2132, skill level A)
  • Contractors and Supervisors, carpentry trades (NOC 7215, skill level B)
  • Telecommunications Installation / Repair Workers (NOC 7246, skill level B)
  • Technical Sales Specialists or Wholesale Trade (NOC 6221, skill level A)
  • Welders / Related Machine Operators (NOC 7237, skill level B)
  • Contractors / Supervisors and other construction trades, installers, repairers, and servicers (NOC 7219, skill level B)
  • Software Engineers / Designers (NOC 2173, skill level A)
  • Machine Fitters (NOC 7316, skill level B)
  • Inspectors of Agricultural and Fish Products (NOC 2222, skill level B)
  • Contractors / Supervisors / Heavy Construction Equipment Crews (NOC 7217, skill level B)
  • Supervisors, Food / Beverage / Tobacco Processing (NOC 9213, skill level B)
  • Contractors / Supervisors / Heavy Equipment Operator Crews (NOC 7302, skill level B)

Saskatchewan Experience Category

The Saskatchewan Experience Category is for candidates who are living and working in Saskatchewan currently. There are 5 different immigration streams under the Saskatchewan Experience Category:

  • Existing Work Permit Sub-Category
  • Health Profession Sub-Category
  • Hospitality Sector Sub-Category
  • Long Haul Truck Driver Sub-Category
  • Student Sub-Category

If you have been employed in Saskatchewan for at least six months, have a family member living in the province, or if you have graduated from a post-secondary educational institution in Saskatchewan then this category is ideal for you.

The SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Category

The Saskatchewan Immigration Entrepreneur and Farm Category are for potential immigrants who have a business idea or to operate a farm in the province of Saskatchewan. There are two sub-categories within the Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur and Farm category:

  • Entrepreneurs Sub-Category
  • Farm Owners and Operators Sub-Category

Saskatchewan Express Entry

The province of Saskatchewan nominated applicants for permanent residency qualifying under the provincial criteria under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. The application selection is based on the labor demand in the province and candidates ranking higher in the pool of candidates are nominated to apply for SINP. Upon being invited by Saskatchewan Immigration, the candidate is awarded an additional 600 CRS score which increases his/her chances of applying for a permanent residency in Canada.

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