Your Path to Acquiring Australia Permanent Residence Visa


In terms of the total land area, Australia comes out to be the sixth-largest country in the world. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide Melbourne, and Perth are among the country’s most prominent cities. While Sydney is a hub of culture, art and history, Adelaide is known for its Germanic cultural influences. Perth, on the other hand, is eminent for its food & wine culture, and most remarkably, the international fringe arts festival.

No doubt, Australia embodies some of the best wonders nature has on offer for mankind. The stupendous country is home to some of the most remarkable beaches, flora and fauna. An extraordinarily beautiful country, Australia is rich in rainforests stretching from North Queensland to south Tasmania. The islands & deserted shores make the country’s coastline extremely wonderful. The wildlife here is unmatched with kangaroos, crocodiles, dingoes, platypus, and much more.

All of these rare gifts available in Australia render it a highly sought-after place to live in.  It is indeed one of the most remarkable countries offering great opportunities as well as a high quality of social life that strongly magnetizes global immigrants. However, staying in this beauty-studded country can’t be possible for foreigners unless they have a valid Visa. So, if you are someone looking for Australia Permanent Residence (PR) visa, there are a couple of facts you need to be aware of beforehand. In this blog post, we will bring out some of such crucial points. Take a look..

Australia Permanent Residence Visa – What you MUST know…

Permanent Resident status in Australia allows you to not only live & settle permanently in Australia but also enjoy rights just like an Australian Citizen – though you may be actually not one. A permanent residency visa holder may even remain indefinitely in Australia.

Initially, an initial visa with 5 years validity is granted along with the country’s permanent residency. The initial visa offered actually corresponds to the specific underlying migration program. With a valid initial visa, you have the rights to leaving & and re-entering Australia without any restrictions.

But that’s not all! The permanent residency visa comes with a notable feature too that entitles the visa holder to indefinitely stay in Australia without actually breaching immigration regulations even after the expiry of initial visa.

There are a number of rights & privileges of citizens that permanent residents can enjoy. Some of these rights include absolute access to legal and health services that are free/ subsidized. However, there are few restrictions too such as ineligibility to vote in federal or state elections. It’s only after a specific waiting period that most permanent residents finally become eligible to become citizens. Permanent residents are not entitled to an Australian passport.

So, overall, a permanent resident of Australia enjoys several rights and privileges, following are a list of the same –

  • Live indefinitely in Australia
  • In the first 5 years, you can leave & enter Australia frequently
  • Apply for Australian citizenship
  • You can sponsor any of your relatives – provided residence criteria and other support requirements are met
  • You get the right to apply for Australian consular assistance overseas
  • Your children born inside Australia become Australian citizen
  • You get the right to apply for Australian citizenship post fulfilling some criteria
  • You get the right to access social security & medical benefits – though a 2-year waiting period may be involved for fully accessing some of these benefits
  • The right to travel in New Zealand without even actually applying for a valid New Zealand visa

These are some prominent benefits that Australia PR visa brings along. But, just do not get carried away.                   There are strong chances that your Permanent residency may get  revoked  in case you are found guilty of any criminal misconduct. The discretion of the concerned Minister plays the guiding role in this case. So, you need to be careful enough to prevent falling in such a situation that highlights you on grounds of misconduct.

Applying for Australian PR Visa – Know the Pre-requisites & Migration Categories…

There are several types of migrations for which Australian permanent residency visa can be applied for. Quite easily, you can apply for Australia Permanent Residency visa according to the below mentioned migration types –

  1. Skilled Migration Visas
  2. Business Migration Visas
  3. Family Migration Visas
  4. Refugee & Humanitarian Migration Visas

But wait! Have you arranged all the necessary documents for your visa application? If not yet, do that without delay. First, you need to make yourself acquainted with the various documents that you require beforehand. This is extremely crucial to be well-prepared for the cumbersome paperwork involved in the process of visa application for permanent residency status in Australia.

Following is a list of documents required essentially for the process –

  • Academic qualification certifications
  • Skill assessment document
  • Score obtained in English language proficiency test (IELTS)
  • Employment documents
  • Travel documents
  • Medical health check-up certificates

Your medical health check-up certificate testifies that you are medically fit and in good health. So, ensure to get the checkup done from a qualified physician. Besides that, your Character verification is also a mandate to enable you apply for PR visa in Australia. Moreover, your candidature will be screened for any potential threat to national security.

So, all of this would demand considerable time which may delay your visa application processing time. Here, we will now consider the various factors that govern the total processing time –

  • Checking whether the completed application form includes all the necessary documents
  • How fast you respond to any additional information required by immigration office
  • Verifying all the details as provided by you – including certificates verification with external institutions
  • Audit of work references

The Bottom Line…

Having understood all the crucial details associated with getting an Australia PR Visa, you must be now well-prepared to make the next move. Well, getting in touch with a global consulting firm that offers immigration & visa services is the perfect move at this stage. However, do ensure to choose a company that enables visa aspirants actually realize their dream of staying abroad. Fortunately, there are some highly experienced firms working in this domain and this should ease your hassle considerably. So, what’s the wait for? Contact a reliable immigration & visa services company today to make your dream transform into reality.

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