7 Benefits of Hiring an Expert Consultant to help Your Canada PR Visa Process

According to Helen Keller, “Alone, we’re able to do nothing but together, we can accomplish much”. This is exactly what happens when it comes to Canadian immigration. The Canadian immigration process, as the process is simple. While it is recommended to have an experienced expert in the field of visa processing aiding you is highly recommended.

In this article, you will learn what benefits you can get from hiring an immigration expert.

1. Guidelines on Visa Selection

Each visa type is unique. It is possible to be eligible for more than two visa categories simultaneously. It can be challenging to choose the right one. In this case, the function of a consultant in PR becomes important.

A consultant for immigration or a PR consultant can help you to determine which visa program is the best one for you, based on your credentials and the need of your Canadian immigration.

The assessor also assists you in understanding your score accurately. This is not easy without the aid of assessment forms online.

2. Learning to resolve complex issues

The initial stage of an application for a Canadian visa (after eligibility checks) involves Educational Credential Assessment. In this phase, the majority of candidates are stuck due to the requirements for sealing transcripts.

Although there is nothing difficult regarding this stage if you know the process to get it done from university. However, PR consultants can save you time & effort. Otherwise, you’d be wasting time when trying to comprehend the process.

Also, when issues arise in which GC-key is suspended, or your NOC isn’t the correct one. An expert can help by providing the most appropriate solutions.

3. An application that is well-prepared and presented

Your application should be professionally presented to the Canadian high commission. In order to be evaluated by Canadian immigration consultants, you know the better status of your application and how to improve your chances to select your application in the express entry pool.

Immigration consultants are skilled at preparing visa applications in an ethical and professional manner. This is yet another reason to have consultants on your side. They can be beneficial in your Canada visa process.

4. Verified Documentation and Process

Are you aware that one mistake in the documents and information can prevent you from traveling to Canada forever?

There are instances when Canadian authorities could declare you fraudulent. If they discover that your documents do not in connection with the information you provided.

A Canada immigration specialist will assist with the verification of your documents. Before submitting, you must be accompanied by a reputable and experienced agent.

5. Current on Laws and Effective Follow-Ups

Once you’ve submitted the application form, it could be clear communication in two directions. This is necessary for the person who applies for the application to do proper monitoring & communication with immigration officials.

PR visa consultants are able to serve as a representative for your application. They will ensure that the communications are conducted without mistake.

Also, in the event that any changes to immigration laws or procedures occur. PR Visa consultants will inform you on the subject.

6. Offer Alternative Options (When Not Required)

In spite of meeting all eligibility requirements and submitting your application in the most efficient method, there is a chance to get a visa done. Immigration experts can help you boost your efforts by offering alternative options.

Consultants will suggest your choices. This can help you move to Canada by using different visa programs or by expanding the capabilities of the current process for visas.

7. All Details are Considering

A major aspect of Canada’s application for immigration is that the majority of applicants miss the details changing according to circumstances in their life.

If you are married, switch jobs, or have a child of your own, and so on you should be updated on your application immediately. An immigration consultant will do this on your behalf once you have updated them.

Consultants are able to explain the procedure. They will let you know each and every aspect of the procedure in order to ensure that the process doesn’t become a problem later on.

What is the cost Canadian Immigration Consultants charge?

The cost for those involved in the Canadian immigration process differs between consultants. They also vary based on the profile sometimes.

The cost is fixed or negotiable depending on the service offered. The consultant also has to pay for some expenses that he is required to pay for the formalities involved in processing like notary charges, stamping charges, etc.

Canada PR Government & Other Agency Fees:

Education Credential Assessment -which will be done by the World Education Society — 322 CAD is Fees.


Test TypeCost (INR)
Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI15,750
Computer-delivered IELTS15,500
IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1)14600
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration15,750
Pen and paper-based IELTS15,500

EOI/Job Bank– We need your IELTS General (Fees Rs. 15,500) Score Card after that we will create your profile ONLINE and register the same in the job bank.

PR Submission— After getting the invitation we will file for a Permanent Resident Visa in the High Commission and at that time you have to pay visa fees, you will get 90 days time (Processing fee CAD 1575 and right of permanent residence fee CAD 500) for spouse or partner (Processing fee CAD 825 and right of permanent residence fee CAD 500) & dependent child (225 CAD Per Kid).

PNP Nomination – Approx. 700 CAD- 1800 CAD.

Biometric— If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of CAD 85.00 (per person) / CAD 170.00 (for a family of 2 or more)

Medical—Age 0 – 14 CAD 140 & Age 15-74 CAD 170.

Police Clearance— INR 500

Note: Government Charges can be changed at any time.


Number of
 Family Members
Funds Required
 (in Canadian dollars)
1CAD 13,213
2CAD 16,449
3CAD 20,222
4CAD 24,553
5CAD 27,847
6CAD 31,407
CAD 34,967

Note: – Funds can be shown in the form of Fixed Deposit or Cash & they should be at least 3 months old.

Do you require a consultant to apply for Canada Immigration?

The immigration consultants specialize in their knowledge of the Canada Visa process. They assist you in making the process successful. They also tackle the obstacles of rejection that can be a hurdle in your path.

If you think that you shouldn’t take a long time completing your visa application and waste cash and time, the assistance of an immigration specialist is highly recommended.

The Canadian PR systems are more complicated than those in another visa.

Apply with Visas Abroad Services LLP

Are you able to apply for Canada PR without a Consultant?

Yes, you are able to apply for a Canada PR without consulting a consultant however; you will have to take on all the challenges by yourself.

In additional reasons to not apply for PR visas without consulting the assistance of a consultant, there is a chance of rejection of visas, there could be a mistake in the process, and you can still be a victim of old laws regarding immigration (unaware of the new rules), it can be not easy to choose the best visa program, the process of determining a comparable difficult NOC, it is possible that you will miss the deadlines to submit your application, unable to figure out the mistake what should be done in the application that the application isn’t selected.

Why do you need to hire the top Immigration Consultants to help you with your Canadian PR Application?

You can hire lawyers or financial advisors. You can also hire other professional services to handle crucial matters.

In the same way, you will require an immigration specialist for the major changes in your career. Migration isn’t only a move between countries. It’s a chance to start afresh throughout your job, lifestyle, the place you stay, environment, and financial situation, and should be more.

You must ensure that you’re heading in the correct direction throughout this life-changing process.

A consultant for immigration will serve as your guide, mentor, and guide through the entire process.

Why should you choose Visas Abroad Services LLP?

This is an excellent tip completely research the details of the firm before you select one and make a final choice.

Why Choose- Visas Abroad Services LLP

All around the globe want to move to Canada due to a variety of reasons. When you associate with Visas Abroad Services LLP offers the best Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Visa Consultant in Noida, India you can count on the battle and the expected outcomes. We have highly experienced visa consultants who can help you navigate all aspects of the visa process.


·         Enjoy all benefits equal to a citizen, have better standards of living, and can sponsor anyone in the family for PR after 1 year.

·         Become a Canadian citizen in just 3-4 years and after becoming Citizen you can work in the USA also.

·         Can get a job offer prior to landing in Canada with a good salary.

·         Spouse and kids would also get a PR right away

·         Free education for kids up to 18 years of age your child will be privileged to have the right to be educated at the cost of the Govt. when you are a PR.

·         On this visa, the spouse is equally eligible to work just like the primary applicant. 

·         Secured Family – On the PR visa the spouse is allowed to work full time along with the main applicant making it more feasible on the financial front for the couple and more secure.

·         Excellent Medical Coverage – Once you are a PR your family is covered by the Government on all medical bills, just as the local citizens. These countries have excellent, impeccable, state-of-the-art medical facilities. Life is taken more seriously in these countries and it would not be exaggerating to say that they would “airlift” to save you if you have met an accident and the road is jammed/blocked no matter who you are. The ER facilities are second to none.

·         Better Job Opportunities – There is no comparison between working abroad and working in India. Why would anyone not kick start to enrich their career skills to work at a level where he/she gets an opportunity to work and learn a lot of things which can be only assumed but not be a part of?

·         A younger workforce – The ratio of retired persons to workers will dramatically increase in the coming decades. Immigrants and their children tend to be younger than the natives. Immigrants who arrive under the “employment preference” category often are employed in occupations that are important, which is an added advantage for that particular.

To know the complete fees and packages offered by Visas Abroad Services LLP. Contact us at info@visasabroad.com or toll-free number at +91-9990744666


Your Canada immigration procedure is mostly about forms. If you decide to seek out consultancy services, you’ll get the guidance of experts. They are experts in their field and have been doing this for many decades. Consultants are knowledgeable of every question and solution and can guide you in the proper direction.

Therefore, you will benefit from having more time to concentrate your efforts on other things that are important, such as study, work, and family. There are many other things to address prior to moving to Canada. This alone is reason enough to hire a professional Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Visa Consultant for your Canadian immigration need.

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